Our first design fair

It has been quite a revelation when we realized that we could be an exhibitor at a design fair. Not even a month since our first prototypes and we already got a "yes" from the organizers.

Somewhere inside of us, there was that belief that our products were special, but we didn't expect such a fast adoption in a designer community. But there we were, an actual exhibitor at Cluj Design Days autumn edition of 2017. We were proud to be part of one of the better design fairs in Romania.

Cluj Design Days is an event that brings object design, fashion, and accessories design together in a display for all Cluj-eans to see and buy.

It was our first 'coming out' with our brand new (and only) collection - the Hexagon Collection. We were as nervous as we were excited. It was the first time when someone other than our families would see and interact with our products. Needless to say that we were humbled to see that people actually liked our creations.

Probably one of the best things that we experienced at the fair was seeing people's reactions and their faces when, upon seeing and touching our products, they would come with all sorts of ideas of how to use them in their homes or in their projects.

Below are a few pictures from the event:


Photo credits: Cluj Design Days

We were also very pleasantly surprised by people's interest in design in general. We felt that people are genuinely interested in how they decorate their indoors. This can only be a good thing in our opinion. Given that we spend most of our times indoors, making our homes and working spaces more beautiful can only do us good, right? I'm sure there are dozens of papers out there that support this claim, but I'm going to leave everyone to decide how much beauty they need.

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